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NEW Tiny Spy Nano Ear Earphone Earpiece Invisible Hidden Wireless Secret Cheat Covert Earpiece for Mobile Phone 3.5mm Jack

Newest & Smallest Invisible Small Mini Nano Tiny Earpiece Earphone Spy Bug for Mobile Phones.  (2X  9 Volt batteries needed, not included)
This Wireless Earphone is an electromagnetic wave inductive and receiving device designed to exactly fit the human ear canal. It composes a covert signal transfer and receiver system with an electromagnetic wave inductive module.

The advantage of using state of the art technology is fundamental in situations where covert communication are required.
This extra small wireless micro earpiece and sensitive microphone permits you to receive real time information or communications without being noticed.
Students, Law enforcement officers, Private investigators, Businessmen, Gamblers, Politicians, all can find a use for this incredible new device.

Work Principle
The covert earpiece is reception equipment driven by electromagnetic induction and is used in conjunction with drive equipment hidden in a wallet or a pocket, such as a cell phone, an interphone, radio, etc.

Inductive loop (Works with cell phone)
The inductive loop which is used in conjunction with the earpiece is one of the mobile phones accessories.
It work principle is the same as one-wired mobile phone inductive loops.

How to use
If necessary, wear the skin color loop on your neck or under your clothes.
Connect the plug to your cell phone slot and talk into the microphone normally and hands free.


Mini wireless earpiece receives signal by inductive coil, across electromagnetic fields
Battery life: about 5 hours
Audio bandwidth: from 300 Hz to 4 KHz
Distortion: <2%
Working frequency: all frequencies
Distance between inductive coil and Mini wireless earpiece: about 70-100 cm.

Package Contents:

2x Mini earpieces (2mm x 3mm)
1x Strong magnet (to take ear piece out)
1x Neckloop (powered by 2 x 9V batteries - NOT INCLUDED)
1x 3.5mm, 2.5mm jack audio cable with a very sensitive microphone

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How to wear the earpiece?
Clean and dry your ears thoroughly right before use.
Wear the loop set and connect to devices correctly, turn the cell phone volume down.
Put your parallel to the ground then your ear face to the sky. Carefully release the earpiece, let it fall into your ear canal. You will hear a sound like "po tu ", and it is in your deep ear canal.
Slowly turn up the volume, and it will start working.

2) How to take the earpiece out?
After using, don't forget to take the earpiece out with the help of the magnet.
Slowly put your parallel to the ground, the magnetic force will attract them together, and take the earpiece out.

3) Does it needs power?
This earpiece doesn't need power to work, but the the neck loop transmitter needs two pieces of 9V batteries to operate (not included). After using, you better remove the batteries.

4) The volume is low or I hear nothing, why?
Please make sure that you wear the earpiece correctly. The earpiece should be placed inside your ear canal closest to the ear drum, or you will hear no sound or low sound.
Make sure that output volume of your cell phone/device is normal.
Usually wearing one earpiece is enough to get clear sound. If needed - you can wear two earpieces in two ears to improve the sound.

5) How about the quality of the sound in my ear? Are there any noises ?
The sound is crystal clear and you can hear every word by your interlocutor on the other side. The system doesn't produce any noises that you can hear. If you get loud noises, please check your cell phone/device.

6) Can I enjoy listening to music?
No, you can't with this device.

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