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Xiaomi PURELY Fresh Air Purifying Face Mask Respirator with fan and filters


PURELY Fresh Air Mask contains miniaturized fresh air module. Relying on the technology of composite electret fiber filtration, it has a filtering efficiency above 99% against PM2.5 particles. Deeply purified fresh air is injected into the mask by the miniaturized fresh-air module with proprietary technology. Through air circulating channel, unhealthy and humid exhaled air are propelled out of the mask. Miniaturized fresh-air module is a comprehensive solution to the shortness of breath and dampness problem from a traditional mask. PURELY Fresh Air mask brings you a healthy and comfortable breathing experience.

My Personal Review:

Months into this health-crisis and broken-in into the repetitive daily task of wearing masks; I've realized that no matter how good the mask is--manual air intake through the mask is tiring, exhausting, and suffocating. Re-inhaling used up air is also unnatural and I'm sure unhealthy too.

I know that there are masks in the market that have motorized air intake, but based on my previous experience they're usually cheaply made and not designed to protect from this health-crisis. Though that was last year, and I'm sure 2020 has changed the topography of mask technology; particularly to help combat this current health-crisis.

So, I sought-out to scour the entire internet with three requirements in mind; high-quality, practicality, and something that get a smile from Dr. Fauci. I found a copious of confusing variety of masks, but combing through the details most of them are junk and a waste of money.

After a few weeks of searching, I've finally narrowed it down to just three products---and two of them are from the same company, Xiaomi. As a company, Xiaomi is very impressive for the fact that it is the fourth company after Apple, Samsung and Huawei to have self-developed mobile phone chip capabilities. Xiaomi is also the world's 4th most valuable technology start-up and the youngest company on Fortune Global 500 list for 2019.

Much like Samsung, Xiaomi also have a diversified range of products. Besides its massive smartphone department, its subsidiaries produces various appliances and products. Within its health sector could be found two line-up of masks: Purely and the Q-series.

This sale is for the Xiaomi Purely motorized face mask. The thing that attracted me the most with this product is its simplicity and without exuberance. It looks like just another regular face mask and it blends-in with the crowd. But on closer look this is no ordinary face mask; because not only does it have all of the essential features of a regular mask, it also offers a solution to the most common problem of discomfort from its prolonged use.

The major features of the Purely face mask are its micro air-circulation motor and filtration. Built for the Xiaomi brand, these parts are the top-of-the-line in quality and technology:

The micro air-circulation motor

• made of food-grade PC material, quiet and ultra-thin.
• three adjustable modes, the mask has a thin fan with 3 speeds that could be adjusted depending on the need of the user.
• 500 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery (same battery technology in smartphones), which lasts 4 to 8 hours depending on how the user cranks up the motor.
• lightweight, the whole mask only weights 50.5g.

The filtration

• the filtration system of the mask consists of two types of filters.
• the first filter is the main filter thats rated to be able to filter out more than 95% of particulate matter >0.3 microns in size, similar to a regular mask.
• the second filter is placed inside the micro air-circulation motor, to filter-out the incoming air into the mask.
• this filtration is the most crucial part of any motorized facemask, and the Purely mask is equipped with the latest filtration technology: the nano-fiber electrostatic electret filtering technology.
• despite its tiny and thin size, this filtering technology could achieve PM2.5 filtration efficacy of up to 99%.
• this is a very expensive tech which is why a whole pack of new filters costs as much as the entire mask itself.

The Purely mask could also be used as a regular respirator mask even if the micro air-circulation motor is turned-off. The motor doesn't even need to be turned-on for the mask to do its function; because in the end of the day, it could still function as a regular mask. Albeit without the comfort and the health benefits of its micro air-circulation, cooling, and air purification motor.

I've been using the PURELY for a week now and loves it. It only has one size, and I wish its a little bit longer into the chin; but thats just my preference, it functions very well just the same.

The micro air-circulation motor clears-out used air and brings-in fresh air, which means I don't need to struggle breathing to bring-in clean air and push-out used air. I could just relax and not worry about if I'm suffocating from my own used air.

Shallow breathing is a luxury that this mask brings. With regular masks I need to keep taking deep breaths to manually cycle the air inside the mask. But with this mask, I could just breathe the air inside the mask, knowing that it's a clean and fresh air; and I won't get sick from breathing used air the whole day.

Besides air-circulation, this mask also purifies the air that I breathe. The air that goes through the micro air-circulation motor are filtered and purified, and the used air inside are automatically cleared out. This also creates a positive pressure inside the mask, which is helpful in keeping unwanted pathogens out.

The thing that I realized about this mask's air-circulation design is that it is well thought-off. Unlike other similar products that just rudimentary put together a motor and a fan, and blows air into my face the whole day; this mask has a patented 'Fresh-air module' where the air inside the mask are interchanged. Even at full speed, I don't feel the air hitting and stimulating my face---but I do feel the air inside the mask is constantly being replenished with fresh air.

The Purely's air-circulation system is not designed as a common cooling fan, its main function is to interchange used air with fresh and filtered air into the mask. The air-circulation reduces the heat build-up, moisture, and CO2 levels inside the mask; keeping the user safe and comfortable.

First time wearing this mask requires some adjustments and fidgeting. This mask comes in one size, yet people have different facial features. But the good thing is that it is adjustable and could be set into the configuration that matches the user's facial features. Please take some time to get to know your new mask and adjust it to fit your specifications.

Properly wearing a mask is just as important as the features of the mask itself. Under this health-crisis, masks has become an essential part of our safety and well-being; and it is very important to slow down and consciously realize its part in our lives and habit.

Thank you for reading my personal review of this product. God bless and please be safe always.

Please Note:

Due to sanitary and health reasons for this product, Returns are Not accepted.

What you get:

1 × Xiaomi PURELY Air Purifying Motorized Respirator Mask.

Total Filters:
2 × Main Respirator Filters
6 × Micro Air-Circulation Motor Filters

Pvet:Mouth Face Mask for covid-19 virus protection 3D Breathable Washable Adjustable Fashion Adult + PM2.5 Filter
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