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New Mini USB 360 Portable Wifi Pocket Network Wireless Router 150Mbps Many Colors

New Mini USB 360 Portable Wifi Pocket Network Wireless Router 150Mbps Many Colors
Description Product
Mini 360 Portable Wifi Pocket Network Wireless Router, Multi Colors for Selection
Wireless speed: 150 Mbps
WAN interface: 10/ 100 Base-T
Size: 33mm x 18 mm x7.7 mm
Weight: 2 gram
Material: ABS+ PC enclosure
Interface: USB 2.0, plug & play
Networking interface: IEE 802.11n/ g/ b
Frequency band: 2.412~ 2.4835 Ghz
Build-in PIFA antenna
Network protocol: TCP/ IP
Security: WPA-PSK/ WPA2-PSK
OS: Windows XP, Vista 32/ 64, Windows 7 32/64, Windows8 (not support apple MAC OS)
Working Temp: 0 ~ 40 degree Celsius
Storage Temp: -20 ~ 70 degree Celsius
Working Humidity: 10 ~ 90% RH, no condensation
How To Use

~~step1: insert the 360 wifi router
~~step2: wait for few seconds and will see 360 wifi software interface
~~step3: set basic name and PIN
package include

1 * Portable Wifi Router (8 colors to choose)
Q: I can not let this device plugged into the computer, the phone can also access it?
A: 360 portable WiFi rely on computer networks to create a wireless network, if you do not plug in a computer with Internet access is not normally used.
Q: Why does my portable WiFi into the computer does not respond? Mobile phones are also not on the net?
A: 1, please click here to download the driver, the driver is installed, and then carry 360 WiFi into the computer.
2, there may be that your computer does not have Internet access, you need to insert 360 WiFi portable computer has access to the Internet, your phone or pad before they can access, check whether your computer can go online.
3, if your computer is a Mac OS (MAC system), I am sorry to tell you that we do not support this system, please understand.
Q: I have this device in addition to allowing the mobile Internet, PAD or the computer can do? How many mobile phone or pad allows same line?
A: 360 portable WiFi in addition to support mobile Internet access, but also supports other devices, such as PAD or computer access;
Q: Can I set myself a password? How to set ah?
A: In order to ensure your computer security, 360 portable WiFi wireless network by default when you create a set 10 passwords.
If you want to change your password, please insert the device and wait for it to successfully create a network in the 360 WiFi portable floating window, right-select "Set Password", you can set the 8 to 12 letters and numbers in the password on their own;
Q: Can I connect to the Internet, and where do I download mobile games and mobile software?
. A: 1 You can access  360 mobile assistant Andrews version download using a mobile phone browser, you can use it to download the latest after the successful installation of the safest games and the software;
(2) You can also use two-dimensional code scanning software on your phone to shoot the following two-dimensional code, downloads 360 mobile assistant Andrews version;
Q:Signal can wear walls?
A:Wireless wifi signal can theoretically indoor coverage area within a radius of 10 meters, but the actual coverage is affected by the indoor environment.
Q: This device has radiation? Oh, my wife is pregnant.
A: wireless devices are present radiation, the radiation power is too large will only cause harm to human health;
360 WiFi portable radiation devices is common wireless router radiation 1/8, called a green low radiation wireless router, normal use will not cause health effects, ease of use.

Pvet:150Mbps Mini Portable USB WiFi Wireless Adapter Dongle Network LAN Card 802.11n/g/b + Antenna
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