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Latest New Watch Bluetooth Bracelet Clock Function Mic Speaker Caller ID Vibrating Alert Anti-loss Many Colors

The Latest Mobile  Phone Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet Watch with Speaker Microphone Caller ID Display Digital Time Vibrating Alert support Mp3 for Universal cell phone


Compatible with Bluetooth 2.1 specification
Class 2 standard (10 meters)
Frequency Range: 2.4GHz
Effective distance 5-10M
Automatic power saving mode
Support low-power mode / high speed mode
Secure authentication, data encryption
Main features
A: Caller name and number display (name plus number);
B: Beyond the 5-10M disconnect prompt (vibrating alarm) 3 seconds;
C: Call vibrating alert;
D: answer / call / hang up function;
E: Headset / Handsfree;
F: Support MP3 player
G: synchronization of the phone book
H: time display; Accessories: charger, manual, charging cable.
1 Charge
Bluetooth bracelet contains a rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery. Before using for the first time, please fully charge the Bluetooth bracelet (charging time is about 2 hours).
1.1 How to Charge bracelet
Bluetooth bracelet charging interface and charging cable is connected, through a charging cable to connect the computer's USB port and charging,the charging port is 3.5 standard combo seat can for charging and headset phone or MP3.
1.2 Charging time
The machines generally need to charge one hour, when the charging is completed, the battery symbol on the display bracelet full grid display.
1.3 charging indicator
The bracelet and a computer or charger charging, the battery symbol bracelet display increase in the number of electricity grid.
1.4 Standby time
Longest standby time of up to 24 hours. Note: The length of standby time and the time displayed on screen bracelet vibration and has a direct relationship.
1.5 Low battery notification
When the battery power is low, bracelet will show "Low Battery", this time set bangle bracelet charging to extend the use of time.
2 switch
Turn on: Press the switch button for about 3 seconds until the bracelet K1 show "Power On" bracelet boot. After the bracelet into the time display: "-: -."
Off: Press the switch button for about 3 seconds until K2 bracelet displays "Power Off".
While holding down the K1 and K2 to enter the phone book to refresh.
3 time adjustment
Press K2 key two seconds after entering the adjustment of clock state, the clock on the display flashes.
After adjusting the clock mode: Short press k1 key to increase the clock; short press K2 key to enter the minute status, minutes start flashing; press k2 exit time time adjustment.
After adjusting minute mode: Short press k1 key to increase minutes; short press K2 key to exit.
4 In answer the call, press the volume increase K2, K1 minus the volume.
5 Double-click the K2 button to redial the phone number.
4 Connect the phone
Bracelet to keep the phone with 5-8 meters, ensuring bracelet is turned off. Hold the switch button until the bracelet display "Pairing", the phone's Bluetooth turned on, and then search for devices on the phone, find the file named "watch" the device, and then press the "Yes" paired device, enter the password "0000", press " be "paired.
Your bracelet will be displayed after pairing your phone model you are using, after a few seconds directly into the time display mode. The difference is in the display appears below the battery symbol indicates a headset phone to connect your bracelet in good condition.
5 answer / hang up the phone
When you want to answer the phone: K1/k2 click on any key for one second, then the bracelet display "Call accepted" telephone access. At this point you can answer the phone. If you want to reject / hang up the phone, press the switch button K1 two seconds after hanging up the phone and bracelet display "Call rejected".
6 loses connection flag
Bracelet vibrate and the display on the headset image disappears.
7 Reconnect phone and bracelets
When your bracelet reboot, you may want to re-connect the phone and bracelets. In your phone menu to find "watch", and then select the connected device. Make sure your bracelet is open. You may need to re-enter the password to complete this connection.
8 call sign
When your phone has call or text message. Bracelet will vibrate to alert you and bracelet displays the caller's name and phone number.
9 Reset
To clear all currently paired with the bracelet, you may need to restore the phone to factory settings:
Ensure that bracelet is switching state.
The charging cord bracelet few seconds.
Bracelet will automatically turn off and remove all connections.
10 Safety Guidelines
Do bracelet into the liquid, do not put bracelets prolonged exposure to moisture or high humidity.
Do not use cleaning agent bracelet.
Do not put bracelets taken place extremely high or low temperatures.
Do not put something into bangle bracelet inside to avoid damage.
When not in use, place the bracelet in a dry place, away from dust and heat.
Do not change your own bracelet batteries.
Bracelet comes with a charging cable charging.
Do not charge in the outdoors.
Product Specifications
Bluetooth version 2.1
Frequency Range: 2.4GHz
Note:it comes with power adapter also can charged with a usb cable we provided
Colors: white red gold

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